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We are pleased to announce that the Luco Hybrid OSA Appliance is now available in the USA, Canada and the European Union. Please fill in this account registration form to receive information on ordering this appliance.

We will be holding study club meetings for OSA, TMD SRB etc. under the Eastern Ontario Orofacial Pain Study Club (EOOP) in Toronto late summer/early fall 2015 (date tba). This study club is registered with the RCDSO and eligible for CE points. If you are interested in joining this study club, please check the box at the bottom and you will be contacted with more information.  

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In the EOOP Study Club, we will pair off and make a Luco Hybrid for each other. If you snore, suffer from sleep bruxism or have mild to moderate OSA (which is probably most of us!), you will be able to experience the effect this appliance has on these conditions. There is no better way to learn than hands on and this will provide each member the experience and knowledge to confidently use this (and any other) OSA appliance.

Of note, the Luco Hybrid appliance is registered in Canada for the treatment of sleep bruxism. This can be diagnosed and treated by a dentist without a sleep study. For your bruxism patients who do not respond to single arch appliances, the Luco Hybrid is the treatment of choice as the activation of the pharyngeal reflexes and design reduce muscle activity and bruxism by 75% or more. These difficult to treat patients become very straight forward to treat with predictable results. Even if you are not from Canada, you can learn how to manage OSA and snoring cases who also suffer from sleep bruxism (about 25 to 40% of OSA patients!) and provide very comfortable treatment for your patients.